gedit text display

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Thu Jan 28 12:06:29 UTC 2010

28.01.2010 10:52, Thomas Blasejewicz:

> Yet, after transferring a text file (created with a text editor in
> Windows) either by copying the file
> via floppy or else sending it by mail, I get a lot of wrong characters.
> Not only do the Japanese character not display, but also something like
> quotation marks too are garbled.
> Is there anywhere a setting, where I can change text encoding to get the
> display right?
> Or is there any other trick?

By default, gEdit tries to guess the encoding of a file on load. In your
case, it seems to guess wrong.
Aside from saving the file with a useful encoding on Windows
(Unicode/UTF-8 for example) or recoding the files as Aart suggested,
gEdit's file select dialogue (File/Open...) should contain a select box
from which you can choose which encoding to use.


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