Could Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) users install some packages in higher Ubuntu versions ?

Tom H tomh0665 at
Thu Jan 28 03:43:13 UTC 2010

>> I installed lucid's linux-image 2.6.32 and firefox 3.6 on a jaunty box
>> with the following. You can adapt this to your case but be warned that
>> I was just messing around so did not care whether I broke anything.
>> All is well though up to now.

> Tom, this may be useful to you without recompiling the kernels or set up
> a new partition with full installs to try. To try out other kernels with
> another distro, at grub2 prompt, you can modify, say using kernel from
> sda5 to use for distro at sda8

> grub>linux (hd0,5)/vmlinuz root=sda8
> grub>initrd (hd0,5)/initrd.img
> grub>boot

> It booted alright for me but end up with a non-functioning mouse or
> keyboard. Some applications are not loaded, but that's okay. Maybe it is
> because the kde versions crosses 3.5.10; 4.2.something and 4.4 rc2. If
> you find a way to help handle the mouse/keyboard freeze, will appreciate it.

I suspect that it did not work because your sda5 kernel would have
needed /lib/modules/<sda5_kernel> on sda5.

So, it cannot be done on the fly. You would have to create an fstab
entry to mount /dev/sda5/lib/modules/<sda5_kernel> on
/dev/sda8/lib/modules/<sda5_kernel> before booting and doing your grub
prompt boot above.

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