best/easiest commandline email program for mass-email

Alex Janssen alex at
Wed Jan 27 21:10:18 UTC 2010

Alex Janssen wrote:
> I must send personalized email to our clients, about 2500.  So I figured 
> on putting together each with a shell script and then sending the file 
> with a commandline email program.  I was looking for suggestions on what 
> might be the best package to install for this.  I have seen a suggestion 
> for a program called "mail", but I can't figure out what package to 
> install to get it.  I looked at the list presented by Synaptic, but 
> there's a boat load of programs related to email.
> If anyone has done this sort of thing, I'd sure appreciate your suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Alex
> -Ubuntu 9.10 on several computers since version 5.04
Please, pardon me for replying to myself, but I found and installed 
mailx.  Whats the best configuration for me to use?


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