Help with a regular expression???

Ray Parrish crp at
Wed Jan 27 13:36:39 UTC 2010


I am working on some code to take a textually formatted list, and change 
it into an HTML formatted list. I have input that looks like the following -

  - visual wxWindows frame design,
  - object inspector and explorer,
  - syntax highlighting editor with code completion, call tips and code
    browsing for Python code,
  - syntax highlighting editor for C, C++, HTML, XML, config files (INI
  - documentation generation,
  - an integrated Python debugger,
  - integrated help,
  - a Python Shell,
  - an explorer able to browse, open/edit, inspect and interact with
    various data sources including files, CVS, Zope, FTP, DAV and SSH,
  - an UML view generator.

What I need to do is replace the occurrences of 4 spaces followed by any 
character, with an underline character, a space character, and the 
original fifth character on the line to indicate line continuation to a 
following routine, which will concatenate the pieces on the continued 
lines onto the previous line segments.

The part I do not know how to do is preserving the fifth character in an 
assignment like the following [the entire data section above will be in 
one variable]

Data=${Data/    [a-z,A-Z]/_ }

As you can likely see, that code line will not work yet, as I do not 
know how to specify that whatever character gets found after the fourth 
space is to be part of the replace term. I'm not even sure that I have 
properly specified the search term to match the single fifth character 

Thanks for any help you can be.

Later, Ray Parrish

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