questions on dedicated VPN link

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at
Wed Jan 27 03:48:38 UTC 2010

On Wednesday, January 27, 2010 11:17 AM, Nay Myo Win wrote:
> Dear brothers.
> one office with ADSL is using ADSL modem. interfaces are two ports for
> phone line in and out and RJ45 port link from which we can use internet.
> THat adsl is DHCP client IP with authentication of username and password.

Is the ADSL modem connected to a router or an Ubuntu box?

> the other is broadband with static IP with which we can enter on client
> to use internet

Again, is it connected to a router or an Ubuntu box?

> .
> I wanna use is like below
> side A clients<--------VPN1(ubuntu box)---------VPN2(UBuntu)---------->
> side B clients
> the main reason is to share everything between two offices. mainly file
> share and local messaging.

I assume you have a local messaging solution. As for file sharing, what 
are you using on your clients? Windows?

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