Restoring desktop in Karmic

Rafiq Hajat ipi.malawi at
Tue Jan 26 21:44:53 UTC 2010

> pursuant to my earlier posting, I'vr (unsuccessfully) grappled with my
> desktop suddenly becoming non responsive and my inability to
> maximise/minimise programs, or to open multiple files in separate
> d/tops etc. Can anyone please guide me towards restoring my desktop
> and (hopefully) my windows manager without radical surgery?

Probably. But you've so many separate threads regarding this subject
that folks (certainly me) are reluctant to try and answer.
  Spend time answering this thread, only to find out that perhaps it's
been answered/solved in another:

- Lost windows manager on karmic
- Fixes needed for Windows manager crashes on Karmic
- Fixes needed for Windows manager crashes on Karmic (2nd thread same
- Restoring desktop in Karmic

Sorry about the duplications - it could be taken as a sign of my
desperation. I did not manage to resolve the glitch after all, and
resorted to creating a new partition and doing a fresh installation of
Karmic. It seems to be working fine and I'm now restoring the data from
my backup with fingers crossed.

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