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Johnneylee Rollins johnneylee.rollins at
Tue Jan 26 17:30:52 UTC 2010

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, Mike McMullin <mwmcmlln at> wrote:
>   I got an instant message from a friend last night who has a visitor
> wanting to use her wireless network.  The system is a laptop with Ubuntu
> 8.10  and it keeps asking for the keyring password in order to log into
> the protected network, they have tried using the login password and just
> a blank password, but failed.  There is only one log-in account, and it
> has networking privileges as well as administer the system privileges.
>   Can this prompt be eliminated or a password be set for the keyring,
> and if so how?
seahorse is the application you want to launch.
Press alt + f2 and type "gksudo seahorse"
add a wireless password to the keyring. I might be wrong though, I'm
not home to test it.
You can always set it up in the /etc/network/interfaces
google "etc network interfaces wireless" to learn more. When I get
home I'll double check this.

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