Fwd: Kubuntu Karmic: OK, but sometimes like uncontrolled horse (Was: Switching a friend to Ubuntu)

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 15:26:36 UTC 2010

> I still see no reason to (ever) go to KDE 4.  It's all about flying
> pigs, dancing elephants, and constant tribulations.  Nothing there for
> my productivity.  It's hard to take seriously a desktop that wants to be
> the center of attention -- versus the actual work at hand.

KDE 4 has lots of features that attract users from KDE 3 or other
environments. For me, the killer app was Okular. I could not believe
that a simple PDF Reader could make such a huge difference. Dolphin
has surpassed even my beloved Konqueror.

KDE 4 still has lots of problems, though, and if you have issues with
the latest KDE 4.4 (which I am certain that you will) then please
start a new thread and CC me (otherwise I will likely miss it)
detailing exactly what problems you are having. If we need to file
bugs or feature requests (and we most likely will) then I can take
care of that for you.

No charge :)

> A netbook I purchased pre-loaded with kubuntu 9.10, and on which I also
> installed KDE 3, is still causing some grief.  Mixing KDE 4 and KDE 3
> installs on the same machine results in a somewhat unstable environment
> -- despite any reassuring advice one might receive in the ng's or
> forums.

Mixing Qt3 and Qt4 libraries leads to a slow system. That would be
very problematic on a netbook. If you are stuck with a Qt3 app, then
you are much better off with KDE 3.5.10.

> It's time to look about for a new desktop, I suppose.  KDE 3 won't be
> around forever.  I am unaware whether it'll be do'able on the next LTS.
> (If anyone knows, speak up...)

Only you can tell if KDE 4.4 will be good enough for you. Please,
please test it then CC me on the thread that you start (don't hijack
this thread). Thanks.

Dotan Cohen


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