How to know what filesystem is on my ubuntu and whether dir_index is enabled?

TSmith valhalla2100 at
Tue Jan 26 03:13:54 UTC 2010

Peng Yu wrote:

 > <klarsen1 at> wrote:

 >> Peng Yu wrote:
 >>> Could somebody let me know how to figure out what filesystem is on my
 >>> ubuntu machine? And how to check whether dir_index is enabled?
 >>        Boot up in your liveCD and with Partition Editor display your
 >> hard drive(s). Then if all looks good check the desired
 >> partition with fdisk. It can replace your dir_index if needed.
 > What if I can not reboot the machine?
One solution is to replace the main disk drive with another one.  Install
a Ubuntu on the new disk drive.  You then put the removed disk drive in
an external USB hard drive enclosure and connect it to the computer.
You then should be able to access the drive that way.

Of course, if the hard drive is kapuuk you will have to get special service
to rescue your data.

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