Grub disk: something automatic?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Mon Jan 25 19:43:49 UTC 2010

> Dotan, if we are talking only of grub-legacy not grub2, then at grub
> prompt do a 'root' and 'setup' like
> root (hd0,x)
> setup (hd1)
> But watch out for mapping if harddrive is not the master drive
> Also you would need to update-grub first for that (hd,x). You cannot do
> that at grub-prompt.

The problem is that I often cannot boot, so I cannot perform
update-grub. Also, most of my machines (other than the laptop) have
multiple hard drives.

> Reminder, grub legacy will not detect ext4 and grub2 config files. So if
> you have an OS on grub2 or ext4, it's best to go with grub2 and set that
> to mbr.

Yes, that is what I would like to do (in a general sense, no problem
to fix at the moment). What LiveCD will do this?

> SuperGrub is being maintained and I think they've come up with a version
> that uses grub2. It is grub-legacy that is not being maintained. But I
> do not use SuperGrub, so I am not sure if it is more useful now. I find
> the blank grub-legacy cd and now the blank grub2 cd more than adequate.

It seems that the SuperGrub devs are working on an alternative LiveCD
now, called Rescatux. However, it is vaporware at the moment.

> Strongly recommend you make a grub2 cd by 'grub-mkrescue'. It will boot
> up any OS in your computer, whether or not you've a functioning menu.lst
> or grub.cfg or a corrupted windows mbr.

This is not one specific machine, rather a general question to keep me
out of trouble next time. I like to break^w play with things while I

Dotan Cohen

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