Why does installing vncviewer want to remove all this other stuff?

Knute Johnson knute2010 at knutejohnson.com
Mon Jan 25 01:43:21 UTC 2010

xubuntu 9.10 amd64

> knute at knute-desktop:~$ sudo aptitude install xvnc4viewer
> [sudo] password for knute: 
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree       
> Reading state information... Done
> Initializing package states... Done
> Writing extended state information... Done
> The following NEW packages will be installed:
>   xvnc4viewer 
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   libcolamd2.7.1{u} lp-solve{u} openoffice.org-calc{u} 
>   openoffice.org-draw{u} openoffice.org-filter-binfilter{u} 
>   openoffice.org-impress{u} tzdata-java{u} 
> 0 packages upgraded, 1 newly installed, 7 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
> Need to get 145kB of archives. After unpacking 63.5MB will be freed.
> Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?] ^C
> knute at knute-desktop:~$ 

Anybody know why it wants to remove all this other stuff?



Knute Johnson
knute2010 at knutejohnson.com

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