Fixes needed for Windows manager crashes on Karmic

Rafiq Hajat ipi.malawi at
Sun Jan 24 21:56:28 UTC 2010

Hi all.
my newly installed karmic was such a joy to use...until it
mysteriously started misbehaving and would not allow me to
maximixe/minimise windows or move them around or show different
desktops, even the show desktop icon became unresponsive aside from
telling me that there's no window manager installed. I've run restore
fro grub, tried to locate where the glitch occurred, but I must
confess I'm lost and desperately need your help else I'm gonna miss
some very crucial deadlines in my work and the ensuing carnage wont be
a pretty sight!
Rafiq Hajat
Executive Director
Institute for Policy Interaction,
P. O. Box E14, Post Dot Net,
Blantyre - Malawi.
Tel/Fax: +265 1 874 964
Cell: +265 999 968 800

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