Mozilla apps?

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Sun Jan 24 02:42:35 UTC 2010

Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
>> I see. Googling the app's name led me to this page:
>> Which led me to this link, I cannot vouch for it though:
>> Use at your own risk!
> So what you're saying is, You used the link we originally posted and
> it worked, but cannot upload the file or even find a reputable mirror?
> I thought you said the link worked in the first place, which it
> didn't. Hmm. Well nevermind.
> Does the OP have any questions?
> ~SpaceGhost
> <snip>
>> --

I followed the links you provided.  If I understand them, they aid you 
in compiling and installing from source code.  That is beyond my level 
of expertise.

As a new user I am trying to determine if there is a safe reliable 
method to install them before they are packaged and put in a repository. 
On my test machine I noticed that 3.6 picks up the bookmarks from 3.5 
and was surprised by that.  Also I noticed if I run 3.6 and shut it down 
and open 3.5 it checks for addins and then loads Firefox (en_GB) 3.5.2 
and Xulrunner (en_GB) 1.9.12.

When I setup my new machine for everyday use I want to avoid introducing 
problems if I can.

Thanks, Jim

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