Mozilla apps?

Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Sun Jan 24 01:29:34 UTC 2010

What is the usual lag time between the release of an updated Mozilla app 
and when it is packaged and available to be installed with one of the 
package managers?

Is there a downside to installing them manually?  I just installed 
Firefox 3.6 on a test machine and it seems to be working well.  I 
noticed the directory structure seems to be very different than the 
version installed by default.  Also I noticed that version 3.6 picked up 
all my bookmarks from the default install.  I know in OS/2 I can do this 
with an environmental variable how is it done in Ubuntu?

Is using Ubuntuzilla a good option?  I haven't been using Ubuntu long 
enough to fully understand it.  I did notice that there seems to be some 
problems/difficulties using it on a 64bit system, which I have.

Thanks,  Jim

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