Darned cntl-Enter in Evolution.

HermanAA hermanaa at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 11:35:05 UTC 2010

Quite a few times I had to apologize for sending unfinished messages.
(with a few responses: Yes, I know the problem .... happened to me too).

I guess it happens when I use (intent to) CNTL-Backspace .....
 (touching 'ENTER' as well)

I sure could do without the damage-control ......
It is upsetting, surely annoying, and potentially very dangerous.
 (it always happens unexpectedly.... While in a hurry I guess ...)

(in dial-up I remember quickly switching off the modem ..... in
broadband it is faster than I am .... modem is on the roof)

Is there a way (while composing) to AVOID SENDing my message with CNTL-ENTER?
 (other then going OFF-line)

Herman in .ph

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