NFS or Samba with Windows 7

Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Fri Jan 22 16:44:57 UTC 2010

SAMBA works VERY well with Windows 7.

I serve my files from Ubuntu to Windows 7, Vista and also a media
player. All through one samba share. Nothing specific to do. It works.

If your Windows and Linux users have same name and password, that's it.
You've done the hardest part. :)

May /etc/samba/smb.conf has :

# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
   workgroup = HOME

(The rest of the CONF file is stock - encrypted passwords enabled)

    comment = Shared files for the home network
    path = /share
    browseable = yes
    public = no
    writable = yes
    locking = yes



On 22/01/2010 15:46, Linda wrote:
> Patton Echols wrote:
>> On 01/20/2010 10:39 AM, Linda wrote:
>>> I have to put a Windows 7 machine on my network. Has anyone had any 
>>> experience with using its NFS client to connect to an Ubuntu server.  
>>> Right now Samba seems to work fine for connecting the drives. Since I 
>>> have to upgrade to professional that has the NFS client option I was 
>>> wondering if anyone had experience with it versus just using Samba. 
>>> Currently I use NFS with the other Linux machines and XP, but Samba with 
>>> our lone Vista machine.
>>>                   Thanks
>>>                    Linda
>> I don't have a direct answer as I have no Win7 boxes.  If you are in a 
>> production environment, I would be very leery of new functionality (for 
>> windows) in Win7.   Let someone else beta test it.  Especially true 
>> since Samba is a "known quantity."  But if you are in a "home/hobby" 
>> environment or otherwise and can afford to test, this site makes it seem 
>> pretty easy:
>> If you do get it working, and find it reliable, you might mention it 
>> here.  I'm sure as Win7 rolls out more boxes, this issue will be back 
>> repeatedly.  In other words, please share your  beta testing results!  ;-)
>> --PE
> Here is the NFS warning on WIndows 7. If you call and talk to Microsoft 
> Store they will assure you that if you upgrade to WIndows 7 pro it will 
> have the NFS Client. In reality this is a huge slight of hand. If you 
> upgrade to WIndows 7 pro you will be able to run an XP Virtual machine 
> on your Windows 7 machine and use the XP NFS client.  This seems really 
> sketchy to me so I'm just going to stick with Samba.
> Also not right but what can one expect from Microsoft, after I upgraded 
> to Pro I have a postscript driver for the Laserjet 450 so it can print. 
> You hear complaints about printing problems with Linux  I worried about 
> a lot of things for setting up this machine, but I never even considered 
> that I would have trouble getting it to print on the CUPS printer both 
> the PCL5 and PCL6 drivers did not work I just got raw PCL code for output.

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