Searching the Ubuntu-Users Archive (Was: ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 65, Issue 213)

Avi Greenbury avismailinglistaccount at
Fri Jan 22 13:59:36 UTC 2010

Israel David wrote:

> hello good people,
> Is there a way to search this tremendous
><ubuntu-users at>for past
> questions-answers ?
> Thanks

Firstly, please create a new email when asking a new question, rather
than just replying to an old one. You'll get more interested people
(since the subject will match the question) that way.

The easiest way to search is probably though the Google Groups mirror:
It's not updated immediately, though, sometimes lags a couple of hours
It's worth pointing out, though, that the archives of this list are as
able to pop up on a normal web search as any other.

Avi Greenbury ;)

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