Package removal?

Emil Payne EHSPayne at
Fri Jan 22 05:39:05 UTC 2010

Jim Byrnes wrote:
> Emil Payne wrote:
>> Jim Byrnes wrote:
>>> Shortly after installing Unbuntu I used the Synaptic Package Manager to 
>>> install Thunderbird  I've since manually installed version 3 
>>> and want to remove the earlier version.
>>> I went to the package manager and marked it for removal.  At the final 
>>> step I see this message:
>>> Summary:
>>> 13 packages will be held back and not upgraded
>>> 1 package will be removed
>>> What is the significance of the 13 packages being "held back"?
>>> Will this mess with my 3.0 installation at all?
>>> Thanks,  Jim
>> Normally it means that there are 13 updates waiting to be applied but 
>> you haven't given it permission.  Check your update option, it should 
>> tell you that there are 13 updates and let you chose which one.  Or mark 
>> all and then go back and unmark any you don't want.  Although, if you 
>> really don't want an update you might consider just removing or 
>> completely removing the package you don't want.
>> Emil
> I looked in the Thunderbird preferences and under Automatically check 
> for updates, Thunderbird is checked but it is greyed out. When ever 
> Ubuntu's Update Manager has notified me of updates I have given it 
> permission to perform the updates.
> Or is there somewhere else I should be looking?
> Thanks,  Jim
These are probably not Thunderbird updates.  They are updates for other 
things.  You do have notifications from package manager, but sometimes 
you may see the updates in synaptic before you see them in package 
manager.  In synaptic there is a big button near the top that sys 
something like "Mark all updates".  Click on that and you should see 
what  the updates are. If not, then click in the bottom left on "custom 
filters" then above it on the "marked changes" tab.  Just make sure your 
"quick search" filter is empty.

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