Switching a friend to Ubuntu

Michael Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 21:50:17 UTC 2010

I've heard Mandriva has earned a few kudos for being an easy to use
There is also gOS, made famous by the short lived gPC which was being
sold by Wal-Mart.  Its an Ubuntu-derivative designed to be simple, yet
powerful, and able to run fast on low-end hardware.  There are lots of
options out there for Linux Virgins.

I like that better than Newbie ... Linux Virgins just rolls off the tongue.

Ylmf OS is an Ubuntu-derivative that's designed to look and act
exactly like Windows XP.  Right down to the start menu, window
decorations and control panel!  It was developed in response to
Micro$oft's anti-piracy campaign in China.  Last I heard the Chinese
government is giving this OS its endorsement, to Micro$oft's

There's also ReactOS, but its being rewritten due to a lack of
dedicated developers.  The rewrite is drawing heavily from the Wine
Project.  Like Ylmf OS it mimics the look of Windows but its a Linux
distro under the hood and runs Windows software.  What it can run is
limited, but the Wine improvements should help.

One recommendation would be search for all of the distros which claim
to be easy for new users and burn a bunch of LiveCDs.  Have you're
friend try them out one at a time until he finds one he likes.

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