NoOp glgxg at
Thu Jan 21 21:47:29 UTC 2010

On 01/21/2010 09:33 AM, Loïc Grenié wrote:
> 2010/1/21 NoOp :
>> Tried to find the Dell drivers, but Dell seems to have 404'ed their
>> modem-drivers site... Overall it's pretty frustrating as we tend to
>> forget to try and get these things working until it comes time when we
>> actually need them (Haiti might be a good reminder). Anyway, anyone have
>> an 'how-to' for getting one of these modems working on an HP G60-530US?
>      You might want to consider the Rosewill USB modem
>   because it is a real hardware modem. It works with the ACM
>   driver. Even my ASUS WL-500g router manages to drive one...
>   I always have one with me (for my Linux laptop) and I leave one
>   at home (so that my router can send and receive faxes).
>     It depends how much you are willing to invest !
>         Loïc

Thanks Loïc. I may end up going that route as the price is pretty
reasonable. It's just that sometimes I can be a stubborn old coot &
would first like to see if I can get the existing port to work on the
laptop first so that I don't end up having to carry more kit with me.
  That said, the device is of interest to connect to my desktop so that
I can send/receive faxes & finally get rid of my ancient fax machine.
Don't use it much any more... just occasionally plug it in to send fax
tones to the auto-dialed bill collector calls :-)

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