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> Hello,
> I am wondering if there is any better software for burning audio discs
> than Brasero which does a really lousy job of it. All of the discs I
> tried to burn turned out to be coasters, as they skipped, and stopped
> for 30 seconds at a time during playback. Very bad!
> I actually had to reboot to Windows [shudder] to burn a decent music cd
> last night.
> Are there any better programs out there in the repositories for burning
> audio cds?
> Thanks, Ray Parrish
> --

I would highly recommend K3B.  With that said, you might look into switching
out the fork of cdrtools that comes with ubuntu with the "original"
developed by Joerg Schilling.  I don't intend to start a flamewar in anyway
here, but the very high level overview from what I understand is that Joerg
didn't like how people were modifing his code under the GPL, so he switched
parts of it to the CDDL (Sun's open source license).  In doing that, somehow
the CDDL is possibly not fully legaly re-distributable, so a fork was made
in 2006 by the Debian team.  From what I understand, the fork (which is what
is in Ubuntu) is fairly outdated and not really updateded or maintained.

Here are a few links to more general info:

Anyway, you should be able to install the better cdrtools using this PPA:

or you can download tar files from here:

Since I have switched out my cdrtools backend (which is what really does all
the heavy lifting, brasero, k3b and other similar programs are just GUI
wrappers on top of the cdrtools programs), I haven't had any coasters or any
burning issues.

Something worth looking into if you burn a lot of CDs or keep having a lot
of issues.

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