Kubuntu Karmic: OK, but sometimes like uncontrolled horse (Was: Switching a friend to Ubuntu)

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 20:07:29 UTC 2010

> After each revision of the configuration at the screen and in the
> panel in the bottom, I  "lock" the widgets. When I forget to do so,
> the screen and panel simply become a terrible mess.

What does the terrible mess look like? Is it a smaller version of your
desktop, with the rest as a chequered pattern? Or something else?
Please describe it, or post a screenshot (if PrintScrn does not open
Ksnapshot, then try launching it from Alt-F2).

> Sometimes, I simply restart the PC if the system really behaves like a
> uncontrolled horse. (Control-Alt-Del, alt-r).This happens e.g. when
> the screen and/ panel appear in such a way that I can simply not work
> with them.

I would have to know what they look like. A screenshot would help.

> However it may be, I am looking forward to Lucid, which seems to
> contain several bug fixes.

I suspect that these are features, not bugs! I think that you are
tripping over KDE activities. If that is the case, I would like to
know how you are accidentally activating them, so that it can be made
less sensitive.

Dotan Cohen


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