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Michael Haney thezorch at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 19:45:56 UTC 2010

I tried Linux Mint for a while but I'll avoid it now.

Dotan, I understand the actions of a nation's government doesn't
always reflect the beliefs and desires of its people.  It was wrong of
that Linux Mint developer to hold you responsible for things you have
no control over.

We have some seriously major problems over here the US.  There is a
political party hijacked by religious extremists, and a Congress that
bows and scrapes to its corporate overlords.  Our own Supreme Court
has granted corporations Person-hood, thus ending any semblance of
Democracy we might have had.  Being a free nation was fun while it
lasted, and now comes the era of Fascism  They already have youth
indoctrination programs here ... they're called Jesus Camps.   At
least we kept Sarah Palin out of the White House.  Obama hasn't
exactly lived up to expectations, but he's far far better then the

In my mother's quilting club, in the town where my parents retired, is
an old woman whom everyone loves and respects.  She's a survivor of
the Holocaust.  She still has the serial numbers tattooed to her arm
by the Nazis.  Of her entire family, she was the only one who made out
of the concentration camps.  The depths people's hatred for others
because of their religious beliefs can reach is terrifying.  This is
why places like Gitmo raise such big red flags with me.  There are
dangerous parallels here that really worry me.

Sorry to turn this into a political and religious debate but its too
important to ignore.  The more people who know and understand the
truth about what's happening in the US the better.

I for one won't use Linux Mint as long as the developers maintain this
opinion.  What the Israeli government is doing in Gaza is wrong.  But,
we shouldn't hate the people of Israel because the people running
their government are morons.  Same goes for the United States, and
believe me we have our own fair share of morons in our government.
Hatred based on religious, ethnic and racial differences have done
nothing but cause pain and suffering.  Its a cycle we need to end.

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