Switching a friend to Ubuntu

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 16:33:15 UTC 2010

2010/1/21 nepal <nepal.roade at googlemail.com>:
> (note to the reader. there are no smileys included, you decide what is
> funny for you)
> On Wednesday 20 Jan 2010 17:55:11 Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> > You can modify the Ubuntu desktop to make it similar like MS.
>> > Windows... Wants easy? Just use LinuxMint!
>> One of the developers of Linux Mint personally insulted me and my
>> nation.
> What did they do, put the words genocide and palestinians in the same
> sentence.

I do not think that he used the word "genocide" but the post has been
removed from the official Mint site.

> What did you do to provoke them?

"You" as in "Dotan"? Nothing, I don't know the guy.

"You" as in "Israel"? I think that he was referring to last year's
invasion of Gaza, in which there were many Palestinian casualties. I
myself and most other Israelis were just as concerned, likely even
more so than he was. I am disappointed that he however never expressed
any concern over the fact that in the months prior to the invasion,
between 5-20 rockets were falling in Israel _every_day_ from Gaza.
Also, he seems to be confused over what the biased media terms
"civilians" in Gaza. Armed militants who are not part of the Hamas
police force are called civilians, with no differentiation made
between them and the other 99% of the population who are not
extremists and do not murder.

> and what does that have to do with a technical support list?

The suggestion was made for a user to use Linux Mint, and I brought up
the fact that Linux Mint may not be an option due to the requests of
the developers. Sort of like someone suggesting that a user pirate
Office to open a Word document, and someone would mention that the
developers have asked users not to pirate their software (yes, the MSO
devs made such a polite request recently).

> Ooops, already know that one.

So you ask to be redundant, to troll, or to hijack the thread to push
your own agenda? I was not pushing my own agenda, rather the agenda of
the Mint dev.

>> He also specifically asked that we do not use Linux Mint.
> Isn't that like you recommending to others to use or not use a distro?

I am not a major developer of any operating system. If you value my
words as you would those of Torvalds, Lefebvre, Stallman, Raymond, or
Shuttleworth then great! However I myself do not hold myself in such
high esteem.

>> I
>> really don't know why he releases his software under the GPL, then,
>> but in any case I will respect his wishes and not use his software.
>> Nor do I recommend it to others.
> Why because of your own emotional disturbance? hardly a sound basis
> for anything (except insanity), human emotion!

I fail to see basis for your conclusion of emotional disturbance.

> If you are going to tar and feather folks for a few words and request
> others join with you in your hubris...careful what you wish for.

Who did I tar and feather? I repeated the dev's request without
slander or accusation.

> or
> grow up already.

I will consider that option carefully, thank you.

Dotan Cohen


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