DVD with multiple boot images

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 15:11:24 UTC 2010

Tab Gilbert wrote:
>>> I am looking for a way to burn a single DVD with multiple OSes images and
>> I
>>> can chose which OS to boot up.
>>> Essentially I want to archive my old ubuntu discs on one dvd that I can
>>> chose which version of ubuntu to boot with.
>>> is this achievable and if so is there a simple way to go about doing it.
> Interesting question.  Just thinking out loud but it would seem to be
> possible on a thumb drive.  Install Karmic on a drive, mount it and then use
> the partition manager to install the next version within Karmic.  Lather and
> repeat.  Then grub would allow you to select which OS you wanted to use.
> Have no clue as to if it would work or how one would go about moving a
> working version to DVD but it would seem, in theory, to be doable.
> tab

	Why not put 9.10 on your hard drive in two partitions. When 
the Gnome is working fine on both, then get Karmic and add it 
to one of your 9.10 systems.

	For awhile I had and it still is an 8.10 version that lets 
you decide which, Gnome or Karmic to boot and will look at that.

73 Karl


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