[OT] Not all Mint developers suck (Was: Mint developers sucks (Was: Switching a friend to Ubuntu))

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 14:59:50 UTC 2010

Hello Everybody

>>> One of the developers of Linux Mint personally insulted me
>>> and my nation. He also specifically asked that we do not use
>>>  Linux Mint.

The developer pointed at above, is Clement Lefebvre, the chief
developer of Linux Mint.
If you google first that name and than "Israel" inside the results,
you will get more then 500 hits. Reading a few of them is  enough info
that will give you a clear picture of this incident, which happened in

> Question: how many developers does the Mint project have?
> If the answer is one, then logically all Mint developers suck.
> If the answer is more than one.....

You can find the answer to this question at this page:
Less than 15 key developers, amongst whose Clement is till the key
one. The anti Israel blog which Clement has posted to the Mint
website, has been removed there soon, but did reappear at several
other websites. Mr. Lefebvre himself did not publicly withdraw what he
has said. Also the Mint team as a whole nothing has done other than
removing that blog.
In this fabric of circumstances, Mint is not an option for me any
more. I am critical about certain aspects of Israel policy; but blunt
Israel bashing is really not my cup of tea. I am  equally critical
with respect to the behaviour of Hamas, PLO, Iran and all other
players in the Middle East chess field - but it has not use to exclude
any them. Shutting down an open source door of communication is a very
bad option for handling the Middle East crisis.

Respectfully yours,


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