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> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 09:51:08AM -0500, accessys at wrote:
> >
> > yes I understandy your pain.  I am loathe to update via the internet.
> heck
> > I hate updating period....
> >
> > if you have got it working and there is no problems I tend to just "Leave
> > it alone"
> If that's meant as advice it's some of the worse I've heard. What about
> bug and security fixes?
Firstly one would you ever consider running an update at some wifi spot or
even running an update over a wireless connection? Connection breaks you are
in for all sorts of trouble.

Whenever I am updating it's always done via a LAN cable on a stable internet

Updates are good, security, bugfixes are important.

Secondly if you google: HP Mini 1000 recovery you will be pointed to the
page :

It has recovery tools which may address you problem, by restoring your
system to it's factory default using HP software, you should get all the
drivers installed as well as part of the process.

Good luck...

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