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Gilles Gravier ggravier at
Wed Jan 20 17:11:23 UTC 2010


On 20/01/2010 15:16, Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:
>>>> Gilles Gravier<ggravier at>   :
>>>> Intel and AMD are the same... Just that Intel is usually used to
>>>> refer to 32 bit architectures and AMD to 64 bit architectures.
>>> No. Completely wrong.
>>> - i386, i686... for 32bits (Intel or AMD)
>>> - amd64 for 64bits (Intel or AMD)
>> You say it yourself "amd64" for 64 bits. I used the term "AMD to 64
>> bit architectures"
> But peploe may and can use amd64 on Core2Duos ans Xeons.
> "AMD" (just those 3 letters) does not refer to 64 bits. It's "amd64" in
> the package arch name that refers to 64 bits CPUs (Both Intel and AMD)
>> And you say it yourself "i386" for 32 bits. I say "Just that Intel is
>> usually used to refer to 32 bit".
> AMD Duron and some Athlon are 32 bits.
>> You say I'm wrong yet you say the same thing as I do (albeit with
>> different phrasing.
> In my opinion, you were not really precise enough.

In any case, my main point is "don't focus on names, focus on number of 


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