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> I need to buy a new laser printer and would prefer either a network or a
> wireless printer. Has anyone any opinion, please, on what to get that
> wont cost the earth. For example, I was wondering about the HP LaserJet
> P1505n. I am running Ubuntu 9.10 and would be grateful for suggestions.
> Norman
I would highly recommend considering getting a refurbished HP.  In my
opinion the "don't make them like they used to".  I have ordered several
refurb printers from  (no connection other
than as a happy customer).  From there, I would recommend an HP 4100n which
runs about $130 or an HP 4200n which runs about $250.  Both of these were
originally close to or more than $1000 when they were new.  The 4200 can
handle a little bit bigger work load than the 4100.  Both have wired
networking built in (if you get the n versions).  Both will be better than
any sub $500 new printer in my opinion.  Printer Depot fully tests them and
refurbishes them (does a maintenance kit replacing rollers, etc) and all you
do is drop in a toner cartridge and go.   The other nice thing is that they
are both really well supported in just about every OS including Linux.  I
use a 4100n to print to from Ubuntu Hardy all the time.

Anyway, hope this helps out.

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