[Solved] Re: Beginner Q1: Linux incapable of handling FDD? CONCLUDED

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at s7.dion.ne.jp
Wed Jan 20 13:40:56 UTC 2010

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) さんは書きました:
> On Tue, January 19, 2010 03:02, NoOp wrote:
>> Baka is a baka does...
> Who or what is baka? I cannot find that word in my copy of the OED. Google
> translate thinks that it is a Swedish word, but can't translate it.
> This is an international list. Please use English, or at least provide a
> translation.
> Thank you!
Maybe I can provide the translation.
You will not find "baka" in the OED, because it is Japanese and means 
"fool, idiot, stupid" etc. and in this specific case me.
I have been called this way on various mailing lists several times for 
asking what seasoned Linux users apparently consider to be
stupid questions / foolishly phrased.
Since I am not a computer wizard, those questions were serious to me and 
the way I put them match my level of understanding (computers).
When then someone demands "provide information A, B, C", usually the 
very existence of that information was not known to me.

That is probably why someone (not on this list) suggested, that if I 
know so little about computer science etc.,
I should not even think about going near Linux.
Yet, I am still hanging on.

About the "baka" - I got the message. Thank you.
Everybody else can savely ignore it.


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