When incorporates Ubuntu the new bios EFI software ? (Graphical Bios)

Gilles Gravier ggravier at fsfe.org
Wed Jan 20 08:31:46 UTC 2010


You might, also, from the BIOS setting, try to disable EFI booting (if 
at all possible). My Intel DX58SO Motherboard can boot both EFI and the 
old fashion BIOS way...


On 19/01/2010 21:55, Hein van Helsdingen wrote:
> Dear All.
> I just bought a new computer.  It was impossible  to install Ubuntu
> 9.10. on it, the message I got was MP-Bios bug: 8254 timer not connected
> to IO-APIC. The computer has a MSI motherboard with a new kind of Bios,
> a graphical Bios, EFI.  The computer also can not work with an attached
> USB stick with an Ubuntu 9.10 system on it.
> Presuming it is the new Bios that makes the trouble, I made the
> question: When is Ubuntu incorporating new software to work with the new
> Bios system EFI ?  Already with the 10.04?   (In that case I keep my new
> computer, and....wait.)
> Thanks on forehand for the information.
> Hein van Helsdingen, Holland.

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