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Chris racerx at
Wed Jan 20 06:29:32 UTC 2010

On Wed, 20 Jan 2010 01:17:50 -0500
scott <redhowlingwolves at> wrote:

> My list is
> Rhythmbox
> Amarok
> Songbird
> Banshee
> Mplayer

My list:
1. Banshee (when not using XChat)
2. Rhythmbox (When using XChat - Announce script)

... and finally a very, very distant ... LAST

99 .Amarok

I loved 1.4 along with the outstanding announce
plugin for XChat. Since it's total revamp (IMHO - the WORSE thing
that could have happened and NEVER worked well after version 2) I
refuse to use it.

It's just absolutely horrid (again, IMHO - Amarok just went the wrong
That being said - it is after all, a free tool and I'm sure that the
new look and fee works for many. Not just me.

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