Beginner Q1: Linux incapable of handling FDD? CONCLUDED

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Mon Jan 18 16:02:34 UTC 2010

Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
> Amedee Van Gasse さんは書きました:
>> I had to look up this word in a dictionary because I am not a native 
>> speaker, but I think that the correct description for what you are doing 
>> is "grovelling". It's a negative attitude that does not help you or 
>> anyone else. I prefer to work towards a solution with a positive attitude.
>> Conclusion: you jump to conclusions too fast.
>> Give people a chance to help you. It's very bad for motivation if you 
>> don't give people a chance, next time around they might not be so 
>> willing to help you.
> Yes, you are right, of course. I apologize for being so rude.
> After living 30 years in Japan, where politeness is (rather "used bo 
> be") a very serious issue, I should be more careful.
> But, in my own defense:
> I am trying to "get friendly" with Linux for over 2 years now. Have used 
> 5 different computers, 4 different monitors, about 10 different HDDs,
> about 10 different "versions" (Ubuntu, Suse, Debian, Mandriva 
> ...installed using vaious combinations of hardware) and some money 
> (bought a PC second hand exclusively for experimenting with Linux).

	You should buy a brand new computer for Linux.

> Over these 2+ years I spent more time and effort on my attempts to 
> install the OS and get BASIC things (like for example reading a floppy) 
> done with Linux,
> than I spent over the past 25 years on ALL my computers, ALL OS, all 
> installations, re-installations, repairs, tweaking etc. put together.

	Again you were asked 3 times about your computer and now we 
know IT is the problem! Either try Ubuntu on your good new 
computer, or stop complaining to this list.

73 Karl

> Currently, it seems I have finally succeeded in successfully installing 
> the OS (Linux), but am still VERY far from being able to do anything 
> productive or evey work (translation) with
> a Linux based machine.
> I am NOT a computer specialist and know admittedly very little about 
> computer science, programming etc., but nevertheless could "find my way 
> around" using MS products or Mac.
> Again and again: I am NOT trying to tell anybody that those are 
> better/preferrable or whatever over Linux.
> The only reason why I keep this effort still up, is that I WANT(!!!) to 
> get away from MS, but Linux definitely does NOT make this an easy task!!
> In one book it says: "Linux simply works".
> Well, that is NOT my experience!!!
> So, after spending all this time and effort without "getting anywhere", 
> but still being told "be patient" and "read the documentation" 
> (thousands of pages!! spread all over the planet),
> I cannot help it, but do tend to get a little frustrated/cranky ...
> In the future I will try to be as polite as I can be.
> Thomas


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