Beginner Q3: Is there a way of permanently unlocking the keyring?

Thomas Blasejewicz thomas at
Mon Jan 18 14:58:46 UTC 2010

Good evening
> Right, I found it, in 9.10:
> Applications/Accessories/Passwords and Encryption Keys
> Right click on Passwords: Login. Select Change Password.
> But is that my Ubuntu login password or the keyring password?  The
> wording could be a little clearer.  I don't actually want to change
> anything at the moment, I am just gathering information.
> Colin
This looked promising too, but again nothing has changed.
I tried:
System -> Settings -> encryption + keyring  ==> "remember once you have 
logged in" = no good
default key = "none, ask each time" -> there are no other options.
remember "pass phrase" yes / no etc. => none of the settings produces 
any changes.
System -> Administration -> Login screen behavior  ==> set keyring PW 
and Login PW to be the same = no effect

Each time I login, I am asked to enter the password for something that 
is called
"ubuntuone-client-applet" -> does this information maybe help finding a 
solution to my problem?

I do not want to be rude or preaching anything like other OS are better 
etc., but in my situation this being asked my PW
EVERY time I login is at best annoying.
I think I detailed this before: the PC I am using is EXCLUSIVELY for 
experimenting with Linux, there is nothing else (except a few
"test files" besides the freely available OS (Ubuntu) in there (every 
thief is welcome to visit me!), I am definitely the only person using 
this PC and it is not connected to other computers (only via modem to 
the internet).
So, it could explode and would not cause any serious problems (except 
THAT would be an awful waste of money).
That is why I don't need - don't want any password while I am 
experimenting with Linux.
Having to enter a variety of different passwords every three minutes is 
definitely NOT fun.

Is the only feasible way out of this really the necessity to reinstall 
the entire system???
Sounds rather awkward to me.

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