ISO size breakdown? ISO diff?

giovanni_re john_re at
Mon Jan 18 08:53:05 UTC 2010

Is there an breakdown analysis by size of the major categories of the files on the ISOs?

Like, every component that is >1% of the size?  Like, Kernel, GUI, Applications, & breakdown for some of the major applications, like OO, FF, whatever?

If it doesn't exist, could someone do that analysis quickly? Can it be done easily?  Could you do it? if so, TIA :)

Also, is it possible to diff the different ISOs, so that if you have one already, & want one other, you don't have to dl all 700MB, just the diff?  Like, between 9.10 Ub & KUb for x86?

Thanks. :)

[I'll send this seperately to both the Ub & KUb lists, so you might want to look on the other list for answers, too.]

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