trying to access software raid0 in ubuntu.

Rashkae ubuntu at
Mon Jan 18 01:19:53 UTC 2010

Rashkae wrote:

> Believe it or not, this is done on purpose so that arrays don't start on
> systems when hard drives are moved around... don't ask me why.
> (Presumably, this has been the cause of other problems)
> Try sudo mdadm --assemble --scan --auto-update-homehost
> That should at least get the arrays up.  However, I do not know if it
> will be sufficient to get the drives working on boot without more work.

If the command I gave you works once, but the array is still not started
on re-boot, try this one.  Let me know which one works permanently.

sudo mdadm --homehost="" --assemble --scan --auto-update-homehost

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