Display Resolution Lost after minor upgrade.

Chris Davis cld100 at swbell.net
Sun Jan 17 16:26:21 UTC 2010

This has happened a number of times to me.  After what should be a 
fairly minor upgrade, when I reboot my system seems to come up in 
1280x1024.  Originally it was to some higher resolution.  1500 or 1600 
range.  Usually the next minor upgrade or the 2nd one after fixes it. 
But I have to admit that it is getting a bit annoying.  Next time it 
comes back I will notate the actual resolution, but I'm still trying to 
figure out why it happens....  The monitor is a LG Flatron L206WTY - BF. 
     Ubuntu recognizes it as LG Electronics 20".

Any ideas on how to get my higher resolution back?


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