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> Jay_Linux <jaylinux53 at> :
> My understanding is that is a tool for rpm based distributions.
> Not built only for them, but adopted but most RPM based ones.

Through a Google search, I found that there was some move to pack it in .deb
format. Since a link mentioned that hosted the deb package was redundant
(not working anymore), posted to this list, after unsuccessfully trying a
tarball install.

> You want it?
> Boot on an OpenSuse, make it update you hardware database, then come
> back to the core Ubuntu without rpm screws.

Already have a (outdated) profile from earlier openSUSE 11.1 installation

For the present, I am using phpsysinfo [2] and Conky [3] on my desktop PC-
these probably do a more snappy system profile than Smolt does, but do miss
Smolt from openSUSE days.

> > Advantage being that hardware info gets updated through a unique UUID
> > to a central database
> I dont really think it's an advantage.

Apparently the people at RedHat & the Fedoraproject (and openSUSE/ Novell)
do: since it has been in continued development from past ? 4-5 years. There
_are_ advantages of having hardware info in a centralized database [1].
Do keep in mind that all Linux distributions have a HCL (Hardware
Compatibility List) where a project like Smolt can provide useful info, such
as for developing drivers for newer hardware.



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