Question on Choosing Netbook - looking for experience

Patton Echols p.echols at
Sat Jan 16 20:32:37 UTC 2010

I am finally closing in on buying a netbook. (Those with long memories 
will recall that I have posted a couple of questions over several months)

I have narrowed my choices down to a HP (mini 210-1010nr) with atom n450 
and and Acer (AO532h-2588) w/ the same processor.  On paper, they both 
have the same specs except the Acer can have up to 2Gb ram, both ship 
with 1GB.  My research indicates that I should be able to install Ubuntu 
on either.

Question:  Anyone have any experience with these units?  Any reason to 
choose one over the other / or avoid one?  If all else is the same, I 
will pick the one I can add increase the RAM.



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