Installing Ubuntu on numeorus machines simultanrously

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Sat Jan 16 18:17:27 UTC 2010

there is a program called aptonCD which allows programs installed by
apt to be backed up on a cd drive or image and you can use it
may work for you if all the configurations are same am not sure but
should give it a try

On 1/15/10, Rafiq Hajat <ipi.malawi at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been trying to start a movement to wean Malawians away from
> Microsoft domination for some time now and am slowly gaining some
> ground. I've just been requested by a Primary School, to install UBUNTU
> onto all itś computers because they are sick and tired of virus
> infections and pirated software installations.
> I remember using Ghost via laplink for multiple installations in the old
> days.
> They have 20 PCs and I would dearly appreciate some advice on how to get
> the job done with minimum fuss.
> Cheers
> Rafiq Hajat
> Executive Director
> The Institute for Policy Interaction (IPI)
> P. O. Box E14,
> Post Dot Net - Blantyre
> Malawi
> Mobile: +265 999 968800
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