Leonard Chatagnier lenc5570 at
Sat Jan 16 14:35:26 UTC 2010

Ray Leventhal wrote:
> <huge snip>
>> http://<server_name>/phpsysinfo
>> Now, If I just knew what server name should be-:o)
> If I were a betting man, I'd assume that http://localhost/phpsysinfo or
> would work.
> The server name is usually determined by apache when it starts..if it
> can't it uses the hostname which should be (if you're using bash as a
> shell) part of your prompt in the form<user>@<host>:
> Not sure it will, but I hope this helps a bit.
> Best,
> -Ray
Did anyone get this to work satisfactorily?  I didn't. See my reply to
Ray Levanthal dated
01/15/2010 03:29 PM
on this thread.  I still need the debugging help that Ray mentioned.
Any suggestions appreciated.
lenc5570 at

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