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marc gmane at
Sat Jan 16 10:03:53 UTC 2010

sdavmor wrote:

> marc wrote:
>> Mark C. Miller wrote:
>>> I've been using Pan to handle my news groups/lists.  It appears
>>> that there's actually little support -- the web site is really
>>> old and the pan list not very active (and when it is, it's
>>> complaints about stuff pan doesn't do).
>>> Can you make any recommendations for a good newsreader?
>> I tried them all and now use xpn. I couldn't get along with pan at
>> all. I miss gravity from Windows.
> I've been a Newsbin user on Windows for years, and before than Forte
> Agent. I'm going to give XPN a try today.

It has its flaws! So don't expect perfection.

I have contacted the author, but it's not a priority for him. I also
looked at the code -- because I'm happy to fix it -- but the code is the
work of a happy hacker rather than a maintainable app, and refactoring it
would be a major undertaking; it's a real shame, as what it does is 95%
most folk would ever need.

Btw, I seem to remember that its internal editor is very limited, so I'd
recommend configuring it to use something more feature rich; I use gvim,
but that's just me!


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