Missing shared object?

Robert Watson poolesgov3000 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 16 03:24:29 UTC 2010

Somehow I got on this technical E-mail list for UBUNTU.  I don't have much information
that I can share, so please remove me from this E-mail list.
Thanks, Bob Watson
Robert A Watson

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Subject: Re: Missing shared object?

nepal wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 Jan 2010 06:33:56 Nils Kassube wrote:
>> Do you have the package libc6-dev installed? Actually I would
>>  suggest to  install the package build-essential. Possibly you need
>>  more -dev packages depending on the program you try to configure /
>>  compile.
>> Nils
> Hi Nils,
> Yes I did have that package already installed and have tried to 
> install the .dev packages too but still with the same problem. I have 
> also tried this compile on a 9.04 platform and that also throws the 
> same error message with the same missing library.
> Any other suggestions other than trying a different distro?
> I originally posted...
> "On searching for libm.so though, all the entries are actually just 
> pointers to a libmxxxxx.so.6 which does not exist. So this actual 
> library file is missing. "
> If you have karmic installed, could you at least tell me if you have 
> an actual libm.so of some form please?
> nepal.
I have libm.so on my karmic 64 bit as follows:

/usr/lib/libm.so   and
wajig whichpkg /lib/libm.so.6 says
wajig whichpkg /usr/lib/libm.so  says
wajig whichpk /lib32/libm.so.6 says

sudo aptitude install wajig will allow you to do the same detective work
for you install.
Try reinstalling the mentioned library files to see if that fixes your
problem.  That is the libc6 ones.
Sorry Nils for butting in.

lenc5570 at sbcglobal.net

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