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Fri Jan 15 03:28:40 UTC 2010

Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> On 01/14/2010 05:32 PM, Mark C. Miller wrote:
>>> I ran across a reference to phpsysinfo.  It looked really good,
>>> especially to a neophyte.  I went to Synaptic and downloaded the
>>> application, but I can't find where it went.
>>> It's not listed under applications anywhere, and it can't be invoked from
>>> the command line.
>>> How do I invoke this application?
>>> mcm
>> Do you have an apache server running?
> It will also run with  , php5 installed instead of Apache
> according to aptitude show phpsysinfo.  However, httpd is a virtual
> package provided by many apache programs and some others besides. It
> appears the app has a complicated dependency listing.  Why not do:
> aptitude search phpsysinfo	to see if it is installed.  And if it is:
> sudo updatedb	then
> locate phpsysinfo	to locate the executable
> If the executable is found try man phpsysinfo and read it to see if the
> executable may have a different file name.  Stranger things do happen.
> Info from my Karmic fresh install and may be different on another version.
>   >
Well, I installed phpsysinfo myself which did bring in a bunch of apache 
packages and others even after manually installing a package
that provided httpd. Dependency hell-:o)  the man phpsysinfo does
explain how phpsysinfo is used.  You have to add this to your browser 
address bar to access the data:


Now, If I just knew what server name should be-:o)

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