Will this laptop be compatible with Ubuntu?

Chris Jones christopher.rob.jones at cern.ch
Thu Jan 14 20:10:31 UTC 2010


> I'd like to dispel any thoughts of wubi just being a native install.
> It really isn't. What it does is it installs linux into a file on your
> windows partition and boots from that. It's slower due to slow reads
> and writes to disk.

OK, I agree on the point that the filesystem is slightly different, and perhaps having some minor overhead. But on all other respects a wubi installaton is absolutely *no* different to one 'native' one (with repartitioning etc.). Once running, the kernel is completely native, not a VM in any way. You have exactly the same access to all hardware components. Apart from disk access, everything else will be *exactly* the same with regard to performance. I would also go as far as say unless you are a power user with serious I/O needs, you will not notice any difference w.r.t. to file access at all.

just my 2 cents. If you want an easy to install (an uninstall) linux installation with 99.99% the speed of a 'native' one, wubi is just great.


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