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Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 01:34:29 UTC 2010

Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
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>>        One HUGE advantage is that rsync allows daily backup to the
>> same file that includes only NEW files, and does so automatic.
>> This is why it is used so much.
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> This is where I have to inform you that you're wrong. Rsync is best
> used for network backups.
> My method of tar'ing and compressing can add just new files, I think
> if you intend to use the mailing list, you really need to read
> carefully.
> I already said that you can do this exact thing with my method. If you
> want to tinker, read up on tar and cron. You can easily have a backup
> that only adds files and updates new ones. You can automate it as
> well. There are more things you can do as well.
> Main point here is, the frustrating thing about it is you haven't
> spent the time to read what we've taken the time to write. It's very
> rude and inconsiderate. I suggest you read each email twice or three
> times, before even touching reply. It'll save us both tons of time.
> ~SpaceGhost
	Well rsync has worked for many years and NO business uses tar 
so what in heck are you trying to say?

73 Karl


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