Question for Upgrade to Ubuntu 9.10, from Ubuntu 9.04

Jay Mistry jaylinux53 at
Wed Jan 13 13:50:32 UTC 2010

Thank you, all for your replies and advise. After reading about Ubuntu
9.10, it seems that the installation & OS version of Ubuntu 9.10 has a
lot of bugs; so for the moment I am not upgrading - would be better to
wait till April 2010 for Ubuntu 10.04 (LTS version) to be released as
suggested by Karl.

Also, am staying with old GRUB (0.97) for the time being as it is
stable without any issues so far. I inadvertently messed up the
Windows C:\ MBR (with NT loader) and ended up installing GRUB in the
MBR (through a repair CD called 'SuperGrubDisc'). So now I am using
legacy GRUB as the main bootloader for all OS's (Windows XP, Ubuntu
9.10, Fedora 12).


Jay Mistry wrote:

> I would like to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.04 that I am currently using
> with Windows XP, by using the Windows bootloader to boot into Ubuntu.
> For upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04, I would like to know about:
> - Is it ok to simply format the / (root) partition and leave /home as
> it is (since there are documents, pictures, etc in /home) and then
> install the new Ub 9.10 in the formatted / (root) partn. ?

this should be okay, but I would recommend you to backup your home
Pay attention to NOT format the home-partition!

> - Will there be any problem with the new GRUB2 in booting from the
> Windows bootloader ? Presenty I am using the Windows bootloader to
> boot into Ub 9.04, with GRUB (old) located in the MBR of / (root)
> partition  - without any problem.

grub 2 is working fine for me, it detects all other operating systems.
But I don't know if your configuration requires further work.
> Thanks,
> Jay

Wish you luck

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