CRT-Monitor + Nvidia card -> poor resolution

Franz Waldmüller waldbauernbub at
Wed Jan 13 13:38:07 UTC 2010


I am seeking help because I am not able to resolve this problem:

My graphics-card is not able to set a proper resolution and refresh rate 
on my Panasync 21" CRT-Monitor. (Properties Display and nvidia settings 
don't offer a higher resolution + refresh rate)

my system:
ubuntu 9.10 32bit desktop edition
with an nvidia GeForce 6600
When connected to an LCD-monitor the resolution is displayed properly.

When I connected another pc with a very old nvidia card to the same 
monitor a high resolution was displayed without any configuration.
Unfourtunately I cannot use this graphics card because it is an AGP one 
and doesn't fit into the PCi-express slot.

What did I try?
I tried all nvidia drivers the nouveau and the standard nv-driver of the 
standard ubunutu repositories. Without any success.

on other machines I used the xrandr configuration utility. i am not sure 
if I can use this as nvidia has it's own configuration tool.
That is why I tried to add some modelines to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.
I looked up the monitor manual and calculated some modelines at this site:
in the xorg file I added a second Section "Monitor" in which I entered
and 3 calculated modelines

In the "Device" Section of the xorg.conf I added the following lines:
Option "UseEdidFreq" "no"
Option "DynamicTwinView" "0"

And finally in the "Screen" section I added the modes in the SubSection 

All this configuration did't help, my X-server doesn't start anymore. 
Although I can log into tty1 and undo my xorg-conf setting.

I think i am on the wrong track. Does anybody have some hints on how to 
use a CRT-Monitor with my graphics card? If I use xrandr --addmode will 
the nvidia utility read this settings?

I don't need 3d-accelleration right now. If there is any solution which 
just works with nouveau or nv I will use this drivers. Currently the 
nvidia 185 driver is installed

Thank you for your help.


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