TBird 3 (Shredder) on Ubuntu 9.10

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jan 12 19:21:33 UTC 2010

On 01/12/2010 02:21 AM, Gordon wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> Try deleting your existing password in the password manager, closing TB
>> and trying again. TB should prompt you for a new username and password &
>> from then on you should be ok. Note: can't verify as I do not have a
>> news.individual.net. I do however, have a news.eternal-september.org
>> account that requires a username & password and that works fine for me.
> The problem is, there IS no password in Password Manager.
> Shredder doesn't ask for a Username and Password when accessing a
> subscribed-to News group (unlike a new account on TB2) - I just get that
> error message.

Then you might file a bug as suggested by Timo Pietilä on the TB support
group. If you do, file it on launchpad rather than bugzilla.
However, before you do that here are a couple of things that you could try:
[Disclaimer: I only use TB 3.x from mozilla & primarily only for
testing, all other times I use SeaMonkey (again directly from mozilla).
I do have Ubuntu's TB/Shredder on a test machine, but no
news.individual.net account to test]

1. Backup your TB folder to an alternate location. For Ubuntu, I believe
it is ~/.mozilla-thunderbird. Rename the folder and restart TB creating
a new setup for news.individual.net. If that works, then it is something
in your TB profile that is causing the problem & you can troubleshoot
there. Of course you can move your backed up '.mozilla-thunderbird' back
when you are finished testing.

Alternatively, you can simply add a new profile and test that way:

$ thunderbird -ProfileManager
(mind the caps)

2. Download & extract TB to a standard home folder (~/Thunderbird for
example) and run TB from there. Simple as that. You can then create a
menu/panel item & icon to launch (icons are in the
/thunderbird/chrome/icons/default folder).
That will create a profile folder: ~/.thunderbird that is entirely
separate from your Ubuntu/shredder folder. See if it works there. You'll
find that from this version: 1) you can get updates immediately (from
mozilla), 2) the app runs from a home folder, so no root type issues, 3)
you needn't rely on a daily testing PPA, which is where I assume you got
"shredder from" as there is no official release for TB 3.x on Ubuntu at
this time:


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