regression from 9.04. wireless sometimes not recovering after suspend.

Nickolai Toupikov nickolai.toupikov at
Tue Jan 12 14:23:39 UTC 2010

Xandros Pilosa wrote:
> Dne 11.01.2010 (pon) ob 15:18 +0100 je Nickolai Toupikov zapisal(a): 
>> Hello,
>> I have an annoying issue. Sometimes after RAM or Disk suspend wireless 
>> does not come back up. log messages say "mac is in deep sleep", which is 
>> um... enlightening...
>> The problem came up after the 9.10 upgrade.
>> It is not a Network manager issue since wicd does the same. I tried 
>> downgrading microcodes with no result.
>> I have already filed a bug report, which is successfully gathering dust 
>> on launchpad, so i guess im pretty much on my own here. so only one 
>> question : is
>> could anyone else give me a hint to how to check WHAT has been changed 
>> during the upgrade?  like a detailed specification or something?
>> Thanks,
>> Nickolai
>> PS: link to bug report
> Hello Nickolai,
> sorry, I have no direct answer to your question but while you are
> waiting for more competent response, you may look for some clues in the
> relevant bug report from Intel's wireless projects for Linux:
> And some suggestions about your bug report:
> You may get more attention, if you select the source package (not just
> Affects: Ubuntu). According to the above link, I would try with
> linux-karmic or linux-backports-modules-2.6.31 or both (by the way, did
> you try backports-modules for your kernel?)
> you can look for similarities in this bug, which has more responses:
> or search and merge with you bug report some potential duplicates, for
> example:
> it has Fix Released tag but you can change this to e.g. Confirmed.
> Regards

thank you for these suggestions.I will watch these bugreports. In 
particular I totally missed bug 297385, which is exactly the same thing 
except that I did not have the issue back in Hardy times.

I do have backports modules installed, but it does not help.

Either way THANK YOU for the very constructive dev-flaming-free reply :)

It is sad to see all the flames on the mailing list. If only those 
people were using the same energy to try to solve the issues they have! 
Or to ask for a refund from Canonical. I dont see what's so constructive 
about saying "this place is going down". But I guess some things on the 
  Internet will never change.

I am also very annoyed by some things in 9.10 and NetworkManager makes 
me want to kill small animals(Koalas?), but on the other hand 9.10 gets 
some other things work out of the box like my 3G modem. It took me half 
a day to get it to work on 9.04. Also my built-in webcam seems to be 
"found", though still not working too well. Maybe for the next 
release...  It only used to work when I manually had patched and loaded 
the r5u870 driver to flip the image. But i dont have the time to deal 
with this now, and i dont really need it.



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